PAPILLONS in the media in the United States

Civil Eats has published an article on the 23rd of February titled ‘Ocean Plastic Is Bad, but Soil Plastic Pollution May Be Worse’.

The article sheds a light on the findings of the latest UN report on agricultural plastics, which we have reported about as well.

Furthermore it dwells into the rise of ‘plasticulture’ and features bits from PAPILLONS’ Project Coordinator, Dr Luca Nizzetto, who has been asked to contribute to the article, as a a senior research scientist cited within the FAO report itself.

In his statement, Dr Nizzetto explains that it’s not about stopping the use of plastic in agriculture, because there are benefits, but they have to be verifiably safe for the environment and used in a sustainable way.

He goes on to explain the PAPILLONS Project’s objective, which is to study the lifecycle of agricultural plastics and their long-term impacts.

Many thanks to the opportunity for Civil Eats, and in particular to Mallory Daily! 

Read the full article: here

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