Mission: “A Soil Deal for Europe”

Healthy soils are the basis for nutritious and safe food.

Nevertheless, this soil is a scarce, non-renewable resource with 60-70% of soils in Europe are considered to be unhealthy due to current management practices, pollution, urbanisation and the effects of climate change.

To stop and reverse this negative trend, the EU is putting together a new effective framework for soil protection and restoration, which will include:

– the new Soil Strategy,

– European Soil Observatory

– and the Mission Soil Deal for Europe!

This new format, called ‘missions’, represents a new instrument under Horizon Europe to address major societal challenges and supports the Green Deal’s objective.

One example of soil relevant Green Deal Targets, relevant for the PAPILLONS project, is the goal to reduce by 30% microplastics released into the environment. Our research is aiming to contribute to this as well, when we aim to identify better the behaviour and transport of micronanoplastics in soil.

In particular the goal of the Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” is the following: 100 living labs and lighthouses to lead the transition towards healthy soils by 2030!

If you want to know more on the creation of these 100 Living Labs and Lighthouses, then click here to access the of the presentation of the European Commission given at the European Parliament with all the useful links to follow-up the topic!

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