Futuro Remoto 2023 : IPCB spotlight on agricultural plastics sustainability

IPCB proudly presented the “ATTIVE_AI4FARM” Kahoot at Futuro Remoto 2023, the esteemed Italian science festival organized by Naples’ Città della Scienza from November 21 to 26

Around 60 students enthusiastically took part in an interactive quiz to assess the level of sustainability of agricultural plastics regarding the release and impacts of micro- and nanoplastics in European soils. The quiz was linked to the European H2020 Papillons project

The “one versus all” competition captivated the audience with a myriad of questions, highlighting the dual nature of plastic materials in agriculture – while they have revolutionized yields and productivity, they also pose significant challenges in terms of waste management and soil pollution, harming soil health, biodiversity, fertility and food security

This ground-breaking event attracted over 1,000 researchers and 200 entities, both physically and virtually, to 500 live and online activities. From enlightening lectures to thought-provoking debates, science exhibitions, escape rooms and interactive laboratories, Futuro Remoto 2023 fostered meaningful links between science and society, promoting scientific culture and cultural exchange.

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