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Microplastics and Nanoplastics Effects on Plant–Pollinator Interaction and Pollination Biology

Authors: Sakhawat ShahMuhammad IlyasRui LiJie YangFeng-Lian Yang

Abstract:Microplastics and nanoplastics (MNPs) contamination is an emerging environmental and public health concern, and these particles have been reported both in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Recent studies have expanded our understanding of the adverse effects of MNPs pollution on human, terrestrial, and aquatic animals, insects, and plants. In this perspective, we describe the adverse effects of MNPs particles on pollinator and plant health and discuss the mechanisms by which MNPs disrupt the pollination process. We discuss the evidence and integrate transcriptome studies to investigate the negative effects of MNPs on the molecular biology of pollination, which may cause delay or inhibit the pollination services. We conclude by addressing challenges to plant–pollinator health from MNPs pollution and argue that such harmful effects disrupt the communication between plant and pollinator for a successful pollination process.

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Keywords: Environmental risk; Nanoplastics; Soil heath; Mulching film; Plasticizer

Published in: Environmental Science & Technology Volume 57, Issue 16, 17 April 2023, Pages 6415–6424

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