SETAC Europe 34th Annual Meeting

The Scientific Committee for the SETAC Europe 34th Annual Meeting will take place in Seville, Spain from the 5th to 9th May in 2024. This year   This year’s meeting theme is Science-based Solutions in Times of Crisis: Integrating Science and Policy for Environmental ChallengesHow can we ensure environmental quality and long-term sustainable solutions in our post-pandemic world, with compounding crises such as food production, cost of living and armed conflict? Researchers and experts will gather to address this and much more questions!


The breadth of topics that SETAC Europe 2024 will address includes:

  1. The environmental fate and effects of emerging and existing pollutants and their mixtures, at cellular, organism, community, population and ecosystem levels;
  2. The development of solutions to reduce, replace and regulate the use of known pollutants;
  3. Strategies and methods to mitigate and remediate contaminated soil, air and water;
  4. Innovations to foster more sustainable practices in agriculture, waste treatment, resource management and more; and
  5. Life cycle thinking approaches including supply chain data collection, impact assessment modelling and footprinting methodologies.

Moreover, there will be a proposed session on ‘The Fate and Effects of Micro and Nanoplastics in Relation to Human Health Exposure’. This session scope is to present the latest developments and results that advance our understanding of human exposure to MNPs and their fate and effects.

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