Joint MINAGRIS-PAPILLONS Stakeholder Forum Workshop: Use and Management of Agricultural Plastics

You are invited to our first joint stakeholder forum meeting on 28th March 2022, from 10-12:30 CET (online). We greatly value your participation.

This event is hosted by MINAGRIS and PAPILLONS.

This workshop is for high-level stakeholders and experts working at a European or international level on any aspect of agricultural plastics that impact the soil (plastic production, plastic alternatives, recycling, agricultural production, policy, campaigns).

This is a great opportunity for you to hear about the projects’ findings to date and share your expertise and views, specifically the workshop will:

Present some preliminary findings from the MINAGRIS inventory of agricultural plastic use across Europe and from PAPILLON’s European Atlas of Agricultural Plastic Materials

Present some preliminary findings from farmer surveys in the MINAGRIS case studies about the nature and extent of agricultural plastic use and their views about impacts on soil health, and explore this further with stakeholders’ input

Host an interactive session to collect stakeholder views about their information needs and sources for best practice in agricultural plastic use

Present preliminary analysis of experiments

Initiate a debate – how to provide a suitable landscape to enable risk assessment processes at EU policy level

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