EU Agri-Food Days


From 5th to 8th December 2023, Brussels will host the international conference ‘EU Agri-Food days‘. These international event brings together experts, NGOs, policy-makers, industrial representatives, farmers and interested stakeholders to discuss various topics related to the European agricultural sector such as: food security, sustainability, digital innovation, market trends and such more!

The official start of this international conference will be in December 6th. However, on December  5th the ‘EU-Canada Stakeholder conference’ will take place. This event will examine the process and set the priorities over the EU-Canada Dialogue on Sustainable Agriculture.

The official start will be on December 6th with an opening speech by President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on ‘Pioneering the agricultural future for Europe’. It will follow two intense days on the European agricultural outlook where the representatives of the agricultural sector and policy-makers can discuss, share insights and opinions on the future and the changes need to ameliorate the entire sector and boost its capacity.

EU Agri-Food Days

The final day (8th) will be fully dedicated to the Digital transformation envisioned for the agricultural sector. This event will provide the perfect platform to discuss the pathways and possible solutions to: further process of digitalisation for farmers and rural communities, foster data sharing and envision how this transformation could ease the process of a sustainable and digital transformation fo the agri-food sector.

Click here to find the final agenda and the registration procedure.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity, we are all curries to know your perspectives!

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