AGRIFOODPLAST: International Conference on Micro and Nano-Plastics in the Agri-Food chain

Since most of the studies are stil focuing on aquatic environments, the launch of the First International Conference on Micro- and Nano-Plastics in AgriFood Systems (AGRIFOODPLAST) aims at providing knowlege and share expertise concerning issue of plastics impacts on ecosystems and human health. This conference represents first of a series of international conferences focused on the impacts and risk assessment of plastics in the agricultural and food systems, from the soils to the crops, to the foods and the related impacts on human health.

During the three days (10 to 12th of Septmeber 2023), of the International Conference on micro- and nano-plastics in the agri-food chains, there will be four sessions and a final workshop:

  1. Fate & modelling of micro- and nano-plastics in terrestrial environments;
  2. The soil plastisphere: degradation processes, interactions with other stressors and impacts on soil functions;
  3. Exposure assessment of micro- and nano-plastics in foods;
  4. Toxicological and ecotoxicological impacts of plastics and bioplastics in the agro-food chain;
  5. Final Workshop A One-Health approach for risk assessment of micro- and nano-plastics.
Dr. Luca Nizzetto, PAPILLONS H2020 reseracher and project manager, will be there speaking and co-charing several sessions!
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is looking forward to welcome you, exchange ideas and outcomes, and strengthen the international community of researchers and stakeholders focused on plastics in agriculture.
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