7th International Marine Debris Conference (7IMDC)

Agricultural plastics related presentations include:
The Growing Problem of Agriplastics – retailer and supply chain actions to combat agriplastic pollution
» Ms. Christina Dixon (Environmental Investigation Agency)
Thinking Agro-Plastics Relationally: Pollution, Toxicity, and Informality in the Eastern Mediterranean Coast of Turkey
» Dr. Umut Kuruuzum (Assistant Professor, Istanbul Technical University)
Collaborative Solutions for the Prevention of Agriculture Plastic
Pollution in California’s Central Coast
» Ms. Jazmine Mejia-Muñoz (Water Quality Program Coordinator California Marine Sanctuary Foundation Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary)
Plastic Mulching as a serious threat : Immediate need for legal framework
» Ms. Santhiya Ananth (Student at Tamil Nadu National Law University), Ms. THARUSHA SELVANAMBI (Student at Tamil Nadu National Law University), Mr. Manikanda Prabhu J (Student at Tamil Nadu National Law University)
Study on global governance of agri-plastics – gaps and opportunities
» Dr. Karen Raubenheimer (ANCORS, University of Wollongong)
Plastics in agriculture: sources and impacts
» Ms. Kristina Thygesen (GRID-Arendal), Prof. Elaine Baker (GRID-Arendal)
The work of FAO on Agricultural Plastics
» Ms. Giulia Carcasci (FAO)
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